Genre: Arcade FPS
Platform: PC

FireStarter Engine v.1.0 Features

Now working
General info:

  • Initially based on BSP technology
  • Initially oriented to API DirectX 8-9
  • The game building on plug-in protocols for all game elements
  • Possibility to port on XBox
  • Optimization of the engine for the best performance and maximally dynamic gameplay


  • Partly open levels made with the use of BSP technology
  • User-friendly editor
  • 98 predetermined entity classes as doors, elevators, platforms, jump-pads, triggers, bonuses, etc.
  • Standardized protocol for importing new entities
  • Use of skyboxes for simulation of sky/space, etc.
  • Lighting on the light map with varying detailing level
  • Use of high-polygon models for level construction


  • Standardized interface to plug in actors of any topology and animation system
  • Standardized interface to implement characters' physics
  • Specific embeddings of animation systems (matrix animation, morphing, skeletal animation) are in plug-ins and can be selected based on specific needs/design

Particle systems:

  • Particle systems, explosions, projectile flight effects are made of basic effects and can be as much complex as needed
  • All effects are plug-ins
  • Standardized protocol for effect programming
  • 11 basic effects as spray, splinters, flashes, trigger, etc.
  • Simple mechanism of building effects in the levels and binding to entity of the level.
  • Programmable recurrence of the effects

Level effects:

  • Steam, smoke, fire, geyser and other effects based on the particle systems
  • Realistic localized volumetric fog with the possibility of camera-view from inside and outside
  • Global volumetric fog throughout the whole level without level geometry and used shaders constraints
  • Lighting with omni, directed, volumetric light, lighting with skybox
  • Dynamic light
  • Projected textures
  • Detailing textures
  • Halo, radiance around the sources of light


  • Standard script language for creation of multi-pass/multitexture shaders
  • Standard procedural deformations of the vertex coordinates
  • Standard procedural deformations of the texture coordinates
  • Standardized interface for embedding shader effects (renders), which use the latest video accelerator possibilities as programmable vertex/pixel conveyers.
  • Plug-ins for effects with diffuse/specular bump-mapping, EMBM, anisotropic lighting, etc., that support several rendering techniques for any hardware acceleration (starting with Riva TNT2)
  • Original rendering algorithm for large amount of static and dynamic geometry
  • Procedural textures as water, fire, plasma, etc.


  • Navigation databases compiled for each level
  • Standardized interface for monster AI programming
  • Possibility to program AI for any monsters
  • Monster possibility to communicate with each other, action coordination


  • Based on client-server architecture


  • 2000x2000x2000 m level size
  • Recommended maximum number of polygons per frame -- 200,000
  • Maximum plug-ins -- 1024
  • Maximum players -- 32

Still working on

  • Full hardware skeleton animation based on DirectX® 9


  • Support of new DirectX 9 shader standard
  • Plug-ins for rendering effects as fur, refraction, particle system physics, etc.
  • 3D procedural textures based on perlin-noise as marble, wood, dynamic plasma, etc.


  • EAX 3.0
  • Reverberation taking into account size and material of the rooms
  • HRTF support
  • Analysis of the obstacles and sound fading, echo


  • Interactive objects
  • Destructible objects

Level effects:

  • Portals, mirrors, etc.

New features of FireStarter Engine 2.0 version

  • Combining of closed and open levels with the size of 100x100 km
  • Adaptive landscape detailing based on displacement mapping
  • Day-night system on open levels


  • Physics library similar to Havok or Mathengine
  • four/six/eight wheel physics for vehicles
  • Flying object physics
  • Boats, cutters and so on physics

List to be continued...
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