This the most powerful weapon in the game. It fires mines or grenades along a parabolic trajectory. It can fire 7 types of shells.
Light modification:
Standard grenades – they will inflict as much damage as 3 uncontrolled missiles. Explode when hitting a monster or in 3 seconds after hitting the floor or walls.
Mines – they will explode upon contact with a monster or if it steps on or goes by a mine lying on the floor. They will not explode unless in contact. They cause as much damage as 2 uncontrolled missiles.
Phosphorus grenades. Active substance is napalm spilled around the point where the grenade hits the ground. It will burn for about 10 seconds after the explosion. It is very effective for blocking narrow corridors.

Heavy modification:
Blocking grenades. They explode half a meter above the floor spraying napalm-like substance. The 10 meter long cloud can preserve its shape for a long time. Reacts upon contact with a moving object by causing a shock waveless limited area high-temperature powerful explosion. Recommended for blocking corridors as a more powerful mine alternative.

Demolition mines. These inflict as much damage as the mega-missile, though covering a smaller area. This weapon is very dangerous. Recommended against bosses.
Vacuum bombs – one of the most dangerous weapons in the game. Makes a big volumetric explosion with high radius shock wave. The damage inside of the shock wave is equal to a missile damage. Any human or monster affected by the shock wave is completely bewildered and imparts a great momentum capable of inflicting strong damage or death when hitting the walls.
Nuclear grenades – most powerful weapon. Nuclear warhead explodes when hitting a target destroying every creature in the range of 1 kilometer. Use only with necessary protection or a sure way back!!!

Electro gun

Experimental weapon. Its operation is based on generation of a high-voltage directional charge. It can inflict very strong damage. The model looks like three isolators positioned on one axis. It should be noted that the gun doesn’t preserve charges between the shots, meaning that to take another shot will take the time to charge. This disqualifies the gun from intensive shootings. Has the same effect on robots as the plasma gun by bewildering and stunning them.

Warning! The side effect is about residual charge that injures the shooter. It’s recommended for big distances or against robots. The heavy modifications bears better isolators and greater power.


Unique energy gun that fires low temperature plasma balls three at a time, exhausting ammo quickly. Recommended against large targets. Has a special effect on robots bewildering and stunning them. The speed of the projectile amounts the speed of a missile. Strong damage. The gun model has a high capacity battery and two mobile concentric accelerators. The breech end holds vents and cooling module.

The battery is linked to a breech end with sockets carrying refrigerant. Heavy modification has two barrels and a higher capacity battery resulting in greater rate of fire.

Hand turret

A very special weapon. Designed to be a ground fixed turret for defense structures has been modified for mobile use. It fires energy capsules at high speed that explode when they hit a target. It looks like a turret with two non-static barrels to reduce recoil.

This weapon is recommended against fast moving targets, and monsters capable of dodging missiles and grenades. The heavy modification has another barrel-battery and allows to fire adjusted charge shots.

Warning! The gun and its ammo are a rare thing to find. Try to use it when appropriate.

Relight laser

Super-speed energy weapon. The gun is an illegal modification of an industrial drilling argon laser with a forced pumping and compact extra capacity batteries. Possesses high rate of fire. Unlike minigun, though inferior in fire rate, this gun possesses greater ammunition load and gives virtually no recoil when shooting.

Unfortunately, wall-reflected impulses present a mortal danger for the shooter, so it is not recommended to use this weapon in close combat. Heavy modification differs with two coupled barrels, and, accordingly, a doubled fire rate.

Circular saw

"Zero-level" weapon. Real prototype of the electric engine driven hand-held circular saw. It is always present in the inventory of the character and has an infinite operating resource. The weapon is used in melee combat only inflicting medium damage. It can be a good weapon against relatively weak monsters attacking from close distance provided the character wields it well. The main advantage of using this weapon is saving ammo for other weapons.

Assault rifle

Basic weapon. Real prototype. Good rate of fire, weak damage, high accuracy. Equipped with a grenade launcher for alternative mode of fire. GL has a low rate of fire and reasonably good damage, though, in a small radius. Heavy modification of the weapon stands out with increased rate of fire and greater damage. A very high speed of the bullet makes the assault rifle a perfect choice against fast adversaries with light armour. An additional advantage of this weapon is the possibility to fire two weapons simultaneously providing for a significant density of fire. You can also shoot up the grenades in the air making them explode and cover a greater territory.


Gatling type heavy machine gun. Real prototype. High rate of fire and speed of bullet, quite low damage. No alternative modes of fire. The major disadvantage is fast ammo consuming. The light modification has six barrels. The heavy modification has eight barrels and greater rate of fire. The mini-gun may be a dangerous weapon if a proper skill is developed for it has a significant recoil and reactive force. The mini-gun is recommended to use against the crowds of monsters.

Rocket launcher

Hand-held rocket launcher. Real prototype firing three types of rockets:
Uncontrollable rockets - most prevalent type
Flare rockets - used to blind the monsters temporarily
Cluster rockets - consist of 10 separate warheads with thermal homing system.
Great damage in quite extensive radius of explosion. Low rate of fire.
Alternative mode - selection of the rocket type. Low speed of the projectile.

The heavy modification has additional types of the rockets available:
Self-guided rockets - modification of the uncontrollable rockets with homing module.
Ultra-high-speed rockets - tenfold speed mini-rockets. The best weapon against flying monsters with strong armour.
Mega-rockets - flying powerful torpedoes with a very extensive radius of effect.
Penetrative rockets - experimental and most rare to find type of the rockets. It carries several charges, penetrates the monster, detonates only one charge and spins on.
The rocket launcher is the last and most powerful weapon of the initial level. Its biggest restraint is the blast wave, which can damage the player. However, if the necessary skills are fully developed the weapon can be used in close combats as well.

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