Gamers test FireStarter ground Friday, 10 October 2003

On October 8, GSC Game World together with “Nazgul” Internet-café network organized a joint event – FireStarter play test in one of the “Nazgul” cafés in Kiev. All café visitors had a possibility to play the game for free and assess the new ultra-dynamic 3D action from GSC Game World.

The game is supposed to hit stores in November. However, there are lots of lucky gamers who already ran around the levels to oppose their mates and hordes of blood-thirsty monsters in the virtual worlds of the game. Shall we remind, GSC Game World engaged Kiev-based Quake and CounterStrike hard-core gamers ("Attsy" as they call themselves) to work on the project. These are Part1zan, LeSTAT, flx0, Le-MMing, ZeroGravity, MuMMy, BoBo, yxo, ArhAngel.

The cafe was crammed full, its atmosphere heavily saturated with excitement and fervor. Computers were densely surrounded by young and old alike - 14-year-old junior games to 25-year-old "mature guys". Every visitor was given a questionnaire to share their impressions and expectations with the developers. The game got decently appraised by the gamers.

In terms of the impressions, the developers were mostly interested in the multiplayer reports. Heat built up during the DeatchMatch battles and did not yield to the strained ambiance of Quake3 or Unreal Tournament matches. And, of course, most valuable to developers were thoughts of 3D-action professional gamers. To cut it short, the event was a big success. Both gamers and organizers left satisfied and impressed taking home heaps of enthusiasm. Inspired with the results, GSC Game World considers organizing similar events in the future as well.

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Absorbed into the virtual world of pain and struggle, these guys seem not to even notice each other Level secured! Go teleport to the next level! Mumbling to himself, "Jeez, what am I supposed to do with these missiles? Me ain't even got a damn rocket-launcher… Gotta find one quick!"

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